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Photobooks by Irene Cruz

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128 Pages

A5 Format

Photography + poetry

Photography: Irene Cruz / Poetry: Several authors

Languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Swedish, Korean, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian.


Edition 100 exemplars (SOLD OUT)


Blumen is the first Photobook created by Irene Cruz.

"She works barefooted in a figurative sense, because of her appetite for risk and her constant necessity of taking on new and surprising challenges, as the one that we could see in this appetizing book. A book which encodes “brainy” photography diptychs, in which Irene reflects her “heart-feel” landscapes, and then she puts both of them face to face- within a thrilling expresionist dialogue- with the pictures of her most beloved friends, dressing their own clothes, hiding their faces and their identities in order to become genuine photographic vital doubles…

However, the visual poetry that Irene’s work unveiled remained in time and in space. This game encoded so much literature that it appears that making use of the word was needed. Firstly, it was a friend who once again lighted the fire of words. Later on, the friend of a friend also wanted to join the game too. Then Gloria, Sara’s grandmother. After that, people who answered her cry for help trough social networks with their poems. People from far and near, who shared this passion, who got captured by Irene’s pictures; they made the visual message of their own turning it into words. Just as Irene’s models turned into Irene herself: and just as Irene turned into each one of her models, words turned into pictures and pictures tore in words and rhythms. Spanish, English, French, Italian and even Korean. Even in ten languages. Because poetry is neither in the meaning nor in the intellect, but in passion and feelings."


(Text by Eduardo Rodríguez Merchan – Professor at the Complutense University – Madrid)

What Dreams Are Made Of



32 pages 



Issue #1

Photography: Irene Cruz

Poetry: Sara Bounajm

Languages: Spanish and English.


Edition of 100 exemplars (Edited by Grundkreuz Art Editions) (SOLD OUT)

What Dreams are made of contains little photographic series that illustrate stories and reflexions of life.

"When I started writing I couldn’t stop thinking about all of the places that I have already visited and the memories that the landscapes and I built together. I saw myself walking those paths, leaving behind all my old languages and finding a new one. I wondered whether they would stay where I left them once I come back, when I already knew what migration implies: a continuous dialogue between my past and my present. I hope the reader feels invited to join us, since dialoguing with the reader is an essential part of this project."

Sara Bounajm (Writer)




32 pages 



Issue #2

Photography: Irene Cruz

Poetry: Nuria García / Illustration: Jose Antonio Vallejo

Languages: Spanish and English.


Edition of 100 exemplars (Edited by Grundkreuz Art Editions) (SOLD OUT)

"Under the title “Feelings” we can find an artist book that gathers the authors Irene Cruz, Jose Antonio Vallejo and Nuria García. The construction of a trialogue story where three different types of narrative, photography, texts and drawings, converge complementing each other in perfect harmony. This is an introspective story about the search of one’s identity, the emotional significance and interpersonal relationships"


Nuria García (Writer + Blogger)




32 pages 


ISBN: 978-84-606-5835-1

Issue #3

Photography: Irene Cruz

Poetry: Carmen Juan / Collage: Annitaklimt

Languages: Spanish and English.


Edition of 100 exemplars (Edited by Grundkreuz Art Editions) (AVAILABLE)

Nice scenarios, private and intimist light, linked up poetry, Equus, unavoidable connection, sought dialogue, assembled feelings, delicate strength, search and encounter. Equine fidelity, human tenderness or the other way around? Loud heartbeats that discover you where you perfectly fit.

Equus, pages full of grace and mastery where the visual beauty of photography and collage joint together with the subtleness of poetry, pages for letting yourself be carried away, looking for yourself in those images, in its words, who knows if finding yourself, crouched, ready to go, to live, to feel. 


Mila Abadía (Blogger)

Habitat. Body & Landscape Awareness




36 pages

ISBN: 978-84-606-5692-0

Nicola Mariani (texts)

Irene Cruz (art + photography)

Photobook - Catalogue for the Irene Cruz's solo exhibition: Habitat: Body & Landscape Awareness. Newcastle Foundation. Curated by Nicola Mariani. March - April 2015.

Languages: Spanish & English


Edition 100 exemplars (AVAILABLE)

In this series the artist goes back to some thematic lines of argument already developed in previous cycles and she also introduces for the first time the presence of a male body.

Dramatizing poses almost sculptural, Cruz creates a tense equilibrium between human figures and natural elements; aesthetic suggestions and control of the techniques; descriptive realism and poetic idealism.

Nicola Mariani (Curator) 





38 pages

ISBN: 978-84-608-1834-2

Issue #4

Art + Photography; Irene Cruz

Poetry: Juan Yuste

Illustration: María JL Hierro

Languages: Spanish, Basque, English


Edition 100 exemplars (AVAILABLE)

The project is developed as a diary, a collection of moments and things we’ve lived as if we’d dreamed them. Lurra is that feeling of leaving your house to go home. Lurra ferociously awakens our will to live and our survival instinct, and thus, thoroughly looking at each other, they find themselves matching their strengths silent and secretly.  It has been a wonderful experience collaborating with such an amazing pair of artists as they have contributed so much depth… You may see it as just a book, with its covers and pages… but Lurra holds inside a totally 4th-dimensional world, in which both of you are the missing piece. 

Irene Cruz

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