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Welcome to my online photo school!

Welcome to my photography school on this online platform!

Thanks for stopping by! I've been sorting out all the classes / courses and posts since the beginning (July 2020), for whoever wants to study them or find the desired information more easily.

This is more than a school, it's a platform (through patreon) where I’m also showing you what I'm doing, how I'm doing it and sharing all my work and lessons learnt from more than 10 years of career in photography, contemporary art and more recently in film.


Whether you are just starting out, are a professional photographer or artist, or just enjoy art in first person, this is the place for you.

In addition to classes and teaching content, you can find inspiration, full negative film rolls, uncensored photos, my books in PDF, physical gifts, discounts, etc. If you are not part of the community yet, I hope you are seduced by this content. I would love to have you around!

The contents are updated almost every day, just feel free to propose anything you like! As we grow there will be more video classes and EVERYTHING is in Spanish and English with very small exceptions. if you join now you have access to EVERYTHING within the category (trier) of your choice and all of the previous ones. 

I am looking forward to having you with open arms!

THANK YOU for allowing me to continue creating, I am currently working on my documentary about Scoliosis, which is slowly but surely taking shape  thanks to your support in the form of micro-crowdfunding.

In this course, learn how to direct models during a photo session and create conceptual photographs that showcase your inner self. By exploring the connection between who is in front of the camera and who is behind it, you can learn to take photographs that reflect your deepest emotions. (learn more)

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