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Where all my thoughts are found


Mind waves rolling through, carry me far into the tide, where all my thoughts are found.
Colored haze, slowly looms, piercing through like sulfur fumes... 

...While I'm just contemplating sounds...

Distant looks from your face, take me to another place and time, where we were never found.
Night drains just to wake... and all your thoughts, been left to drown.

Alan Palomo

Mär; “fairy tales” in German, a word that still exists, but is only remembered by a few.

Mär means sea, water, in my mother language (Spanish). Dreams and desires come together in a small very personal work in which the main elements are the naked body and fragility. It is a series of intimate images, between the camera and the subject, where water creates the softest and most harmonious forms.

Irene Cruz

This photographic series, taking under consideration its small size and apparent fragility, proves Irene Cruz’ great capacity to express a huge content inside a small container. A beating metonymy situated in the prism of actual photography that vibrates gently under our eyes.

Sara Bounajm Pérez, Writer and muse

Interactive installation (2013)

Photographs by Irene Cruz

Mär series, 2013

Exhibition of 80 photographs of 10x7cm each.

Pinned of trees where the event is held.

Signed copies. Free price

Emergent Berlin

Saturday 16th August

Sunday 17th August




You are invited to look and participate at the photographic installation of the series Mär, realized in 2013 by the artist Irene Cruz.


The artist offers these photographs for free. If you feel inspired by one photograph you can take it. In return we ask you to share the photograph, accompanied by a brief comment, in any of the social networks that you normally use, Twitter or Instagram particularly, with the Hashtag #emergentberlin


The installation sets up a dialogue with the place, a recurrent feature in the artist work. On the one hand the artwork becomes an ephemeral event that is changing when the public is removing the photographs from the wall. On the other hand, it is a participative process, beyond the physical world through social networks. Being circulated on the Internet, images have another live, digital images of the real photographs that originally were pinned on the trees. Each one has a short interpretation or micro-history told by the own spectator.


The Series that takes part in this installation is entitled Mär, in German “Fairy Tales” but also the artist moves its meaning in her mother tongue, Spanish: The Sea. Dreams and desires converge in this personal work: intimate images between the nature, camera and the subject where water creates soft and harmonious shapes.


It also questions the value of art beyond the economic value through the observation. It encourages also all visitors and social network users to take part on it.


#Emergentberlin invite us to think about the relation between the artwork and the subject who experiments it. The pure artistic observation and the moment one chooses to acquire the artwork.


Thanks to all of you who may want to join this project!


*Irene Cruz produced a similar installation at #BlumenARCO, in the space of the Contemporary Art Fair ARCO, the last edition in Madrid.


Nati Guil Grund

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