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Inner tales

Stories within a story


With Inner Tales I'm not trying to hide or conceal anything but rather narrate stories within my own story.

An ever-growing process, with constant learning, research and evolution, that starts with my insatiable instinct to freeze in time my own body on different environments. I treat light like another narrative element that sheds light on the mystery.


       This work began as a necessity to grasp a territory of abstraction: emotions and feelings. Images of the soul. 


Irene Cruz

     Irene Cruz (Madrid, 1987). Irene discovers through her series, "Seele" from the project Inner Tales, a light that belongs to her. This discovery takes place in Germany, through an encounter so vivid and imposing, she felt as if Northern Europe would always hold a light to be found and learnt anew.

Such discovery is rare to come across among photographers and the ability to document and appreciate such an event requires focus and diligence. This kind of research exudes enthusiasm and will be naturally appealing to the eyes and minds of many young photographers. Her work is not only based on the aforementioned light, but also on the self and one’s place in the world and life, dipping her toes on visual poetry and exemplifying both nihilism and romanticism. Irene, unknowingly, is revisiting certain forgotten archetypes of the feminine and through this act, she reemerges self-assured on the essential.  

Director of a Masters Degree in conceptual & artistic photography at EFTI Photo School

     Irene Cruz, creates micro-stories in which she tells us about her own identity and portrays landscapes as an emotional framing.

Her extraordinary series "Inner Tales", are short stories about her loneliness told through photography captured in North European countries, in  which light and color reminds us of filmmakers such as Kaurismaki.   

Rafael Liaño, director of the Buero Vallejo Cultural Center. Madrid

Inner tales are told simply to entertain or to share a moment of your life with others. Either way, the story often has symbolic meaning tied to the psyche. There is often some parallel between the two stories, and the fictional aspect of the inner story serves as a key to reveal the truth within the outer story.


    The literary device of “a story within a story” dates back to the resource known as a “frame story”, in which the literal story seems to lack depth, and the actual narrative weight is carried by one or more tales told by one storyteller.


"Inner tales" is a work in which I use the language of self-portrait as a form of storytelling.

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