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Golden Girl



Golden Girl


...And there she stood,  with her eyes closed. 

So used to this landscape, why even bother to open her eyes.

Everything looked just the same - darkness.



But that day she felt different. 

That sense of discomfort, restlessness,  she could feel all that

very physically, the heat, vibrations and energy flowing inside her body.

Through the stomach, the chest, the throat, the teeth and tongue.


That´s how she found herself standing, 

so aware of her body but completly puzzled and lost at the same time,

in that golden light.

And everything looked so enigmatically beautiful,

if she hadn´t felt the fatigue in her wide open eyes

and the strenght of the light invading her pupils,

shrinking them down to bright spikes....

She would have sworn that was all a trick of her mind.

A sweet escape from the polluted air, the coldness and darkness

that had been surrounding her lately.


But it wasn´t. She realized her eyes had always been open.

They simply stopped seeing. 

They were always looking, but as they were deprived from their only duty,

they got lazy and sleepy and step by step lost their will and power to actively see.

Actively interact with the matter outside, absorbing the energy, 

transforming it and gently let it out again, gift it back to the environment

in this intricate yet so harmonius dialogue.


An hypnotic dance of invisible yet perceptible energy,

that with rythm and harmony 

made the vision fertile

and gave birth.


The darkness was a state of mind, 

that eventually ended up occurring and concretizing

as a loss of light, a loss of vision.

It was how she had not perceived 

the world for the past years.


Only then she realized, she was emitting that light.

From her pores, her skin, her nails. 


She was golden.

Veronica Carli

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