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Flying without wings

Flygande utan vingar


                                                     Technical data:  Every picture of this series is produced in 50 x 70 cm. RC paper.


​What comes flying without wings, strikes without hands and sees without eyes?

Vad kommer flygande utan vingar, slår utan händer och ser utan ögon?

       Flying is the desire of many free spirits. This project is a work of introspection that searches for answers to her permanent wish, for something beyond all rules, although this may imply that everyone turns their back on her.

       For this she used scenography as the element in which she felt most comfortable: the forest, because it is a place full of symbols and meanings; She added birds paradoxically, they are the only ones that can fly and in her work are symbols of concern and repression. For the last item Irene added water as a metaphor for "flying without wings" which gives the title to the work.

       The protagonist of the series is the girl, her vulnerability, her loneliness, her desire to fly and be understood, that allows to find universal messages related to her inner discovery, fear, unexplored paths and above all perseverance to believe and chase her own dreams.


Giuseppe Striani


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