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AI (Artificial intelligence)

Magic Barcelona (2022)

In collaboration with Lunar Ring & LG Electronics


"Magic Barcelona invites you to a journey through the city. 

It is an experience of a new form of art. You discover iconic motifs of Barcelona, captured by Irene Cruz, one of the most acclaimed contemporary photographers. Creative AI reinvents the impressions, inspired by legendary Spanish and Catalan artists like Gaudí, Miró and Tapiès. 


The transparent OLED signage by LG transforms the work into a living sculpture, making the journey magical.


The art collective Lunar Ring developed a novel form of creative AI that conceives a never-ending flow of impressions. In a dream-like flight, motives are woven together with artistic styles. 


This creative AI enables you to shape new forms of expressions for you and your customers."

Installation presented at ISE 2022 (Fira Barcelona / LG Electronics Booth / May 2022)

Video coming soon...


Dancing with AI (2022)

Westpitze - Tübingen (Germany) - Langer Nacht der Museen 2022


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