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Cinematography & Filmmaking
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Diana (2018)  Feature film / 101 minutes /

Dir Alejo Moreno DoP: Irene Cruz

Starring: Ana Rujas, Laura Ledesma, Jorge Roldán

Prod. Alejo Moreno Produce

irene-cruz-dop copia.png

Seasonal (2017)  Documentary series / LP / 4 episodes 

Dir D Eceolaza DoP: Irene Cruz

Starring: Laura García Aguilera

Prod. Jirafa Records + Highsnobiety

still-anhelo-irene-cruz-eceolaza copia.png

Anhelo  (2020)  Short Film / 

Dir D Eceolaza /  DoP: Irene Cruz

Original music by; Sebastian Pecznik

Supported by Sony Deutschland


Got your back (TBD)  Feature Documentary  / 

Dir: Irene Cruz / DoP: Irene Cruz / Max Duncan / Jaume Verdú

Starring: Carmen Medina / Yehia Ismail / Leyre Agreda / Elbeth 

V. & Dr. Sánchez Pérez-Grueso

Supported by Canon Spain

Prod. Danidog Films / Fresno Films


"Proven Facts" (2021)  Feature Documentary / 92 minutes 

Dir Alejo Moreno / DoP: Irene Cruz

Starring: Agapito García / Matías Cortés / José Manuel Tejerizo /  Ignacio Ruiz Jarabo / Iván Zaldua

Captura de pantalla 2022-03-21 a las 16.28.23.png

"Janine zieht aufs Land" (TBD)  Feature Film

Dir: Jan Eilhardt / DoP: Irene Cruz

Starring: Kathrin Angerer / Maximilian Brauer / Pierre Emö / Susanne Bredehöft / Daniel Zillmann / Adrian Wenzel

Prod. Nordmedia / Eilhardt Productions

Hechos Probados trailer irene cruz.png

"Proven Facts" the series (2021)  Documentary series 

3 episodes / 60 min each

Dir Alejo Moreno DoP: Irene Cruz

Starring: Agapito García / Matías Cortés / José Manuel Tejerizo /  Ignacio Ruiz Jarabo / Iván Zaldua / Joaquín Huelin


"Levi's Sculpt" (2020)  Commercial

Full campaign by Irene Cruz

Work as Photographer / Filmmaker

Starring: Alex Saint / Mariana Vila / Camino Villa / Gazpacho Agridulce / Ana la Pizarro / Absolutely Khaoula

Prod. B-Agency

irene cruz cara delevigne planet sex.jpg

"Planet Sex" (Coming soon: Summer 2022) 

Documentary Series

Dir: Vicky Cooper / DoP: Irene Cruz + Alice Millar

Prod: BBC / HULU / Fremantle / Naked TV


"Witches" (2022)

Music Video

Marien Baker

Edit: César Ginés


"Christian Dior Cruise23 Collection" (2022)  


Work as Photographer / Filmmaker

w/ Jaume Verdú

Prod. Baron&Baron // Northsix Agency


Skintist - Beauty commercial (2022)  


Work as Cinematographer

Dir: Marlon Rueberg

Prod. Nu3 Agency


"MAGO" (2022) 


Dir: Tirso Calero/ DoP: Irene Cruz 

Starring: Juanjo Artero / Daniela Saludes / Ferrán Gadea / Gonzalo Borregón / Celia Morán 

Prod: Mediterráneo Media


"Bad Luck" (TBD) 


Dir: Jan Eilhardt / DoP: Irene Cruz 

Starring: Oskar Spatz / Caline Weber / Lars Mindt / Till Krumwiede / Stina Hinrichs / Adrian Wenzel

Prod: Tanzbar Bremen / Kultur Brücken 

irene-cruz-levis-campaign- copia.png

"Levi's Sculpt" (2019)  Commercial

Work as Filmmaker

Starring: Anna Goryanova, Martina Klei, A Lama

Prod. B-Agency


"Arde la ciudad" (2020) 

Music Video

María de Juan

by: Irene Cruz & Mario de Juan


"Nicht Fertig" (TBD)  Feature Documentary Film

Dir: Héctor Salgado / DoP: Irene Cruz

Starring: Werner Hilsing

Prod. Tunnel Productions


"Lunar Ring AI" (2022) 


Dir: Beatriz Heredia / DoP: Irene Cruz 

Starring: Johannes Stelzer 

Prod: Abbe / Kunsthalle Tübingen 

If you want to see sneak peeks of my upcoming projects, previews and bts, support me on Patreon, you will contribute to my documentary on scoliosis, which is self-funded at the moment. thank you very much! :)

Videography / short - CV

Works as Cinematographer (selection)

  • Total Janine. Feature Film. (Jan Eilhardt, TBD)

  • Nicht Fertig. Feature Documentary (Héctor Salgado, TBD)

  • Got your back. Feature Documentary (Dir by Irene Cruz, TBD)

  • Bad Luck. Short Film (Jan Eilhardt, 2022)

  • MAGO. Short Film  (Tirso Calero, 2022)

  • Lunar Ring. Documentary (Beatriz Heredia, 2022)

  • Planet Sex. Documentary series (Dir Vicky Cooper, 2022)

  • Janine Zieht aufs Land (Jan Eilhardt, 2021)

  • Hechos Probados. Proven Fact, Series / 3 episodes (Alejo Moreno, 2021)

  • Proven Facts. Feature Documentary (Alejo Moreno, 2021)

  • Anhelo. Short film (D Eceolaza, 2020)

  • DIANA. Feature Film. (Alejo Moreno, 2018)
    Premiered on Cinema Theaters in Spain. Portugal. Poland, France, Germany and EEUU. 

  • Post Tenebres Lux. Short film. (Directed by Anne Beatriz Heredia) 2017 - Switzerland

  • SEASONAL. Documentary Series - Video EP  (Directed by D Eceolaza - The Fever Collective) 2017 - Berlin

  • Metamorphosen (Co-Director w/ Oren Lazovski + Cinematographer). Tischlerei events. Deutsche Oper. Berlin

  • Wild. Short Film. (Co-Directed by Anarel·la Martínez & Irene Cruz) 2017 - Berlin

  • Commercials (Christian Dior, Levi's...), Music Videos & Diverse video art pieces / Video installations + VJ sessions (learn more: here


Works as a Camera Operator (Selection)


  • Unorthodox (An original Netflix Germany Production, Ana Winger, 2019)

  • BUTOH - Documentary - Artistic - Film (Isabel Muñoz, recipient of Spanish National Photography Award , 2019, Japan)

  • Berlin After Dark TV show. Channel 13. (Berlin 2019)

  • I was also camera operator for all the movies above 


Works as a Colorist


  • DIANA. Feature Film. (Alejo Moreno, 2018) 

  • Hechos Probados (Documentary series, Alejo Moreno, 2021)

  • Proven Facts (series) (Alejo Moreno, 2021)

  • Final. Short film. (Ernesto Martín, 2017, Spain)

  • Commercials, Music Videos & Diverse video art pieces (learn more: 


Other Noteworthy Projects (As a director, writer, etc.)


  • ​Fósiles. Series (Twitch + Amazon). Created by Rubén Pascual Tardío, Silvia Sánchez e Irene Cruz

  • C’est sûr (Short Film, Irene Cruz,  unfinished post-production, Belgium)

Bio / As Cinematographer & Filmmaker

Irene Cruz is photographer, director of photography and video artist. She currently lives and works between Berlin and Madrid. She earn a double degree at the Complutense University of Madrid in Advertising and Public Relations, and Audiovisual Communication (2005-2011). She then completed the EFTI international master's degree, specializing in Conceptual Photography and Artistic Creation (2011-2012), as well as a specific course in cinematography at the same school (2012-2013).

She combines her career in contemporary art with teaching and her work as a director of photography and colourist.

irene cruz DOP cinematographer female.JPG

As Director of Photography, she has directed several feature films: "Diana" (Fiction, Alejo Moreno, 101 min, 2018, which was selected in several festivals, including Montreal and Malaga) and premiered in cinemas in Spain, Germany, France, USA, Poland...)  "Hechos Probados" (1 feature film + series of 3 chapters of 60 min each, which premiered at the Valladolid Film Festival last October 2021), and was also on screen at Cineuropa Festival, and "Janine zieht aufs Land" (Fiction, Jan Eilhardt, 2022) produced by Nordmedia . Irene has recently finished the filming of "Planet sex" a documentary series starring Cara Delavigne (BBC, HULU).

She is currently directing a documentary film about scoliosis, a disease she suffered from as a teenager, with the support of Canon Spain and also working on two feature film projects as DOP about the German painter Werner Hilsing ("Noch Nicht Fertig" TBD - 2022 under the direction of the American H. Salgado / Prod: Tunnel Films) and "The floating body" (Jan Eilhardt, TBD).

Irene has made several advertising campaigns (the last one she has directed in its entirety for Levis: graphic + audiovisual), video art pieces (highlighting her work for the Deutsche Oper 2014-17), video clips (for María de Juan, Sunday, Piper57 or Bastida), short and medium-length documentaries (some acquired for distribution by Play de RTVE - Televisión Española)... This 2021 she has been awarded as one of the 3 "Filmmakers of the Future" by Canon Europe. (Announced in June '21).

In television a monographic about her work has been broadcasted in the programme Atención Obras (October 2019, Directed by Cayetana Guillén Cuervo) of the Spanish public television channel TVE. 

Many of her audiovisual creations have been exhibited in Museums, Galleries and Festivals all over the world: Among them the Palais de Tokyo (Paris), MUA (Alicante), The Mall (Milan), Project Art Space (NYC), CEART (Madrid) - for which she obtained a grant to create the piece "Anhelo", under the direction of D Eceolaza, 2020) also with the support of Sony Germany. She also works with the American distributor NIIO, which projects her video pieces in private events, hotels, festivals...

Since 2019 she has been a member of the Spanish association AEC (Spanish Society of Cinematographers) and of CIMA (Association of Women Filmmakers in Audiovisual Media) since 2018. At European level and in Berlin she is part of the organization of Stammtisch Women in Cinema Berlin as well as an active member of the collective The Women+ Film Network Berlin.

Currently and until September 2022 she is a brand ambassador for Canon as a content creator and DoP.

She works independently, not exclusively with any production company. Since 2019 she is represented in Spain by Reno Films and in Germany she is active in AIMEND, and Eilhardt Productions, although she has also collaborated with others such as Realfilm Berlin GmbH and Wild Tulip Productions.

"Canon Future Filmmakers" (2021)  Commercial

Work as Filmmaker

Starring: Ashleigh Jadee, Jack Harries and Irene Cruz

Prod. Future Fusion Agency (UK)

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