Moonlight (2017)
Moonlight (2017)

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Irene Cruz - Seele VII
Irene Cruz - Seele VII

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Irene Cruz - The Muses
Irene Cruz - The Muses

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Moonlight (2017)
Moonlight (2017)

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Reel 2018-19


Updated 2018

Last works as DoP & Filmmaker



   - DIANA (Feature Movie / Dir: Alejo Moreno)

   - The Muses (Video Art / Dir: Irene Cruz)
   - Tras el Verso (Music Video/ Pedro Zapata)

   - Two (Video Art / Dir: Irene Cruz)
   - La Pluie (Short Film / Dir: Irene Cruz)

   - Seasonal (Documentary Series / Dir: D Eceolaza)

   - Perfect Place (Music Video/ Dir: Aaron Shahanan)

   - A Brand New Look on Millenium Bambo

     (Music video / Dir. Sergio Fernández)

   - Post Tenebras Lux

     (Feature Movie / Dir: Beatrice Heredia

   - Emily, be afraid (Video Art / Dir: Irene Cruz)


Latest News! Since 31. 12. 19

I am Member of the AEC! 


I am an official part of the AEC (Spanish Society of Cinematographers ), a new step, an opportunity to grow as a member along with those I admire most in this hard and precious profession of cinema.

🎬 I also start this 2020 shooting: this week I resume the filming of a new series of three feature films ("Hechos Probados") as director of photography that will take me to shoot through different points of Spain.

Online Store New Arrivals! January 2020

Mis Adentros / My Insides
Mis Adentros / My Insides

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Mis Adentros / My Insides
Mis Adentros / My Insides

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Mis Adentros / My Insides
Mis Adentros / My Insides

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Mis Adentros / My Insides
Mis Adentros / My Insides

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"My insides"


Last published book // Poems by Alicia Morán

Available on my Online store (Spanish & English)

"The illuminated triangle, 

created for perfection, 

I keep all my knowledge here, 

of my ancestors and of my intuition."

Little Documentary Film about my work

on TV


🌲  Last July I went into the woods with my muses... while a TV-team (from RTVE, the Spanish TV)  documented it.

The TV report was broadcast on the last 24th of October 2019 on Atención Obras show (La2 TVE). 


Interviewer: Isabel Guillén.

Wanna see the making of?  here:

Captura de pantalla 2019-10-10 a las 15.

Exhibitions and Art Fairs

Past & Upcoming

Since I started my activity in 2011, my resume features more than 400 exhibitions, video installations and festivals, all over the world (in important places like Palais de Tokyo -Paris-, Project Art Space -NYC-, Kunsthalle &Deutsche Oper -Berlin-, Círculo de Bellas Artes -Madrid-, MUA Alicante, Da2 Salamanca Museum, etc.). I also participated in important Art Fairs such as ARCO or Art Madrid, Positions (Berlin), MIA (Milan), Art Basel and Photo Basel...


To have a look to my complete CV, click here! 

Photo Basel Irene Cruz Luisa Catucci
Photo Basel Irene Cruz Luisa Catucci

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Art Madrid 2018 - MG Art Gallery
Art Madrid 2018 - MG Art Gallery

Palacio de Cristal Madrid Art Week

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Drowning in Blue -Solo show
Drowning in Blue -Solo show

Fifty Dots Gallery 2018 Curated by Andrea Perissinotto

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Photo Basel Irene Cruz Luisa Catucci
Photo Basel Irene Cruz Luisa Catucci

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DIANA (Feature Movie) is now on Filmin VOD platform

101 min / Thriller - Film Noir / Dir by Alejo Moreno

🎥 Did you know that you can watch DIANA online? I am absolutely thrilled to know that it’s being one of the most popular movies on Filmin! Thanks forever to all the team that made this movie possible, specially to Alejo who trusted me for the #Cinematography

Watch now!

"El Bosque"


Last published book // Text by Txema Pinedo

Available on my Online store (Only in Spanish)

"Me pregunto si en su bosque

habrá un rincón para mí.

Si bajo su piel

seguirá sonando mi nombre.

Si tan solo tiene ojos para mis defectos

o maneja el arte de mirar hacia otra parte."

BARCELONA Fifty Dots Gallery 

BERLIN Luisa Catucci Gallery

MADRID Furiosa Gallery

I also collaborate with:

MÁLAGA La Casa Amarilla

MÉXICO Óscar Román Gallery

VIGO Lab in Gallery

Galleries that represent me

Imperceptible Echoes - Luisa Catucci

Reno Films

is a production company that has been set up by a brotherhood of professional and experienced filmmakers. As on an expedition, we work as a team. We scout image and sound. We face each project as a challenge that will allow us to reach further away each time. Our eyes are lenses and our ears recording machines. Always on the alert, we are pathfinders of the better frame, the true narration. We are treasure hunters seeking the emotions hidden in the dreamed film. We do not speculate. We let the stars guide us. We are the seekers of that very instant that amasses the essence, the poetry and the truth of people and things. 


Film Production Company that represents me

FotoKlub Kollektiv member

Since 2017 // Berlin 

I am very proud to be an active  part of this group of talented photographers since June 2017.

FK-Kollektiv is a space for collaborative learning; for the exchange of ideas and skills supporting personal, artistic, professional growth. It is also an exhibition platform which allows for playful, experimentation and exploration.

We own shared scanners & darkroom. Every Tuesday we organize open meetings to everyone who wants to share their work with us. 


More info, click here!